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Dominick Mariniello – Owner, Modern Yellow®

My name is Dominick and I am a communications and operations professional with over 20 years of experience in various roles at three leading Fortune 500 information technology companies (including Compaq Corporation and Hewlett-Packard).

During my career, I have proven my ability to deliver effective communications to all levels of these companies, including senior management. I am proud to have consistently been recognized for incorporating compelling visuals and creative writing to convey messages using a broad range of communications methodologies, tools, and vehicles to reach a global internal audience.

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I originally launched BizOmaha™ in December of 2000 with the goal of using my corporate marketing and communications experience to offer affordable creative design solutions to local area businesses.

My dedication to providing professional, personal, and responsive service has since allowed me to proudly serve businesses across the U.S. for over 20 years. I don’t want to be just another service provider, I want to be your partner with a vested interest in helping you grow your business.

With that continued focus in mind, in July of 2014 BizOmaha™ became Modern Yellow®, LLC now offering an expanded line of Creative Design Solutions to fit your business needs and your budget. As your creative partner I strive to provide creative, and affordable design solutions to help you expand your brand.

Lynn Tall – Owner, Rug Advocate® and Content & Copywriting

Lynn Tall’s career with Oriental rugs started back in 1994 when she was hired by Bon Ton Rug near Boston, MA. She worked hard and quickly learned her way around the rug care industry. By 1999, she had earned the industry-coveted NIRC Certified Rug Specialist (CRS) certification.

After a move to Florida, Lynn formed her consulting and education company, Rug Advocate, in 2012. Through Rug Advocate, Lynn offers classes in rug ID, pre-inspection, and customer service, advancing the overall skill set of novice to intermediate rug care professionals. In addition, she has written a series of informational, sales-tool consumer flyers that her clients proudly distribute to their own clients.

Dominick Mariniello Headshot

In 2016 she unofficially joined forces with Dom Mariniello, owner of Modern Yellow, a creative web design company, to assist in writing custom content for his rug cleaning clientele. Their official collaboration was announced in 2018. Lynn has written Modern Yellow custom content for rug cleaners, carpet cleaners, and restoration companies to rave reviews.

In late 2016, Lynn and her husband, moved back to the Boston area. Together, they are raising their grandson.

Lynn is well respected in industry circles. She is known for her calm, accommodating teaching style, her preparedness, her ability to capture the ideology behind a company in her writing style, and her willingness to go the extra mile for her students and clients.

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